Practice SAT Essay Prompts

Before reading these practice SAT Essay prompts please read my article "How To Use The Practice SAT Essay Prompts" below.

How To Use The Practice SAT Essay Prompts

Make sure you use these SAT Essay prompts as part of an overall study program.

Because, unlike repetitive activities like running and swimming, you won't just get better with practice.

You need both practice and accurate feedback.

So before you even look at these practice SAT Essay prompts make sure that you have an idea of who will review them for you.

Test prep centers will often do an 'OK' job of reviewing your essay but few actually base their suggestions on research into how graders grade essays.

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In this report I tell you exactly what the research--done by Dr. Les Perelman of MIT and Adam Robinson creator of the Princeton Review--says about how graders REALLY score your answers to SAT Essay prompts so you can avoid making costly errors.

With this knowledge you'll increase your score AND you'll get an idea of how your essay would we scored by the REAL essay graders.

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Practice SAT Essay Prompts

1. SAT Essay Prompt

2. SAT Essay Prompt

3. SAT Essay Prompt

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