These SAT Essay Topics Will Help You Prepare For The SAT Essay

But Only If You…

...have a good way of getting the essay you write for these
SAT essay topics evaluated.

One key mistake many students make when studying for the SAT Essay is to write answers to SAT Essay prompts and have untrained individuals “score” their essays.

Because untrained individuals are usually not aware of the research about the five characteristics of high-scoring SAT Essays they are unable to give an accurate score for your SAT Essay topic.

And because their grading is “hit or miss” they can't tell you what you need to do to improve.

So you waste several hours writing essays and you don't find out until test day that you haven't improved much if at all.

This is why I suggest that before using the SAT Essay topics found on the links below that you find someone who can grade them for you who is willing to learn about the five characteristics of high-scoring SAT essays.

You can test your tutor by completing one of the SAT Essay topics at Rocket Review.

Have the Rocket Score computer program grader your essay.

Then have your tutor grade your essay.

If the scores are pretty close, stick with your tutor.

If not find another one.

Okay here are the prompts.

1. SAT Essay Topic

2. SAT Essay Topic

3. SAT Essay Topic

4. SAT Essay Topic
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