Reviewers Rave About The SAT Essay Formula

"This book helps the student to better scrutinize and tighten up their writing by using a system of questions to help organize ideas before the writing (putting pen to paper) begins.

The essay checklists and the bonuses at the end of the book are very valuable tools and all add to the quality and usefulness of this book. I believe that if a student read through this book just once, and does the exercises, his or her SAT scores for the essay section of the SAT will increase. A valuable SAT test tool."

Veronica Lewis

"Author Rodney Daut has written a concise and informative book on how to understand, prepare and write the SAT essays (although you can use the tips for ANY type of writing).

The book gives you detailed instructions on each aspect of essay writing, then offers practical exercises in order to practice what you have just read.

The book is divided in sections and takes a detailed look at each. I really like the section in which Daut takes "a look" at what the SAT graders are really looking for.

I also like the fact that this book is short - so no padding here - only the helpful and informative that you need on the subject matter.

This is a must for anyone who needs to learn how to write essays."

Tina Avon

"I sure wish I'd had the chance to read this book before I took my SAT's!! The essay portion of taking my SAT's was always the worse part for me. There are many references available for SAT preparation, but none as helpful as this book.

After having read this book, I now know of many techniques for improving my writing in general, not just for test taking. I'm glad to have read this book even if it is well after taking my SAT's.

This book should definitely be read and studied by anyone who is about to take the SAT, any sort of essay testing, or any student or writer in general. It'd be great if this piece were kept on the shelves in schools everywhere and be made available to students for SAT preparation."

C. Eversole

"SATs provide enough stress without worrying about writing techniques, too.

This book can reduce SAT anxieties. It provides a simple, six-step process for writing successful SAT essays.

As a parent and a published author, I know how easy it is to say to a student, "Writing is writing. You'll be fine." Or, "Write the same way as you talk." Or, well, a hundred other bits of lackluster advice that our teachers gave to us.

That's not helpful when a student is staring at the SAT essay instructions, with a huge knot in his stomach and no ideas for what to write.

Students, especially those who've always been coached for tests, need very specific guidance to prepare for the SATs.

With detailed examples, how-to advice and what-not-to advice, this book is one of the most useful SAT essay guides I've seen.

It's also a strong guide to writing articles and reports, later in life.

For students with reading and writing issues, this book should be reviewed with a teacher, parent or counselor. That time will be well spent. The skills taught in this book will be useful far beyond the SATs.

For everyone else, even if "The SAT Essay Formula" is simply skimmed, it's likely to provide enough good advice to boost almost anyone's SAT scores"

Aisling D'Art "artist and author" (Portsmouth, NH USA)

"Rodney Daut has provided students with an extraordinary tool to help them with the SAT essay. With many Colleges and Universities choosing to consider Writing skills as important as Math and Reading skills, students who are interested in college can benefit from this guide. In fact, this book is great for anyone who wishes to improve their essay skills.

Using detailed instructions, reinforced with practical exercises, Daut walks you through the essay process from understanding the prompt (topic) to finishing with a strong closing paragraph. The book is easy to follow; his examples and explanations are straightforward and easy to apply. There are many insider tips about the essay grading process and Daut presents opportunities for you to have practice essays graded by professionals.

I am very impressed with this book. In Georgia, unless you score high enough on the SAT, you are required to pass a regents test in order to graduate from College. Part of the regent's test requires an essay much like the SAT essay, is written within a time frame, from topics supplied by the Board of Regents. 'How to Write Fast and Effectively for the New SAT Essay' would definitely help students with this process. I will definitely recommend this book to some of the professors I work with."

Dian Pitts